We understand our clients’ needs and constantly aim to innovate ways to contribute to their achievement.
To be thought leader and in outsourced field solutions.
In Fieldtech, we combine the power of technology with the passion of our people to deliver the smartest, most effective outsourced field solutions to our clients.
FSI will be known as the most reliable field operation outsourcing company in the country.
Services Offered

Our services are optimized by the latest technology offerings (i.e. handheld computers, mobile printers) and our Field Management and Tracking System (FMTS). As the majority of our clients are in the utility industry, FSI works in compliance to the provisions of the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers to ensure the integrity of our services.

Spot Billing

Read and encode accurate meter reading using a handheld computer, print bill on the spot and deliver to customer.


From the bills and Notice of Disconnection (NOD) printing to delivering letters and parcels, we make sure all incoming and outgoing documents are accounted for.


Capture valuable customer insights using software-as-a-service (SaaS) products to coordinate a mobile labor force.

Data Generation

Provide real-time, vital business intelligence through aggregating data from the field.

Third Party Audit

We perform external field audit for your company's quality management needs.


Disconnect and reconnect electric and water meters, excavate and restore based on client standards.

Meter Pull-out and Installation

Includes removing old/dysfunctional meters to calibrating, testing and verifying operation of new meters.

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